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River beaches

The River Miño boasts several bathing areas in its stretch through the Tui municipality; the most important ones are the beaches of Areeiros, in the parish of Guillarei, and O Penedo, in Caldelas. Up to the middle of the 20th century, the Metralla beach, by the city centre, used to be very popular but it has now all but disappeared eroded away by the river. The Mariña beach, in the river promenade, is unsuitable for bathing.

The Areeiros beach has a small jetty for river boats.

Every summer, the City Council carries out cleaning and maintenance work in the Areeiros (Guillarei) and O Penedo (Caldelas) beaches and installs public toilets and, in the case of Guillarei, also a refreshment stall. Both these beaches are graded as excellent in the assessment of bathing areas by the Galician Government.

As examples of other places to go for a dip in summer we can mention Pozo Baqueiro and Muíños de Paredes in the parish of Rebordáns.