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Mount Aloia Natural Park

If we were to give a very short description, we would say the following: Mount Aloia is a Natural Park which leaves no-one unmoved. It has very different kinds of attractions: its landscapes, its history, its wildlife (both plants and animals) and its religious traditions. It is loved by hikers and mountain bikers and it even offers fantastic spots for a great picnic under the trees. Besides its own features, it has a number of excellent overlooks facing different directions which allow visitors to enjoy the vistas of the lower Miño, the Miñor valley, the Louriña valley and even the Cíes Islands. The remains of a colossal rampart give an idea of the strategic importance of this elevation throughout history, although the question of whether it is the legendary Mount Medulius, the last remnant of resistance against the Roman invasion, is yet unanswered. Nature is generous in this area and the different species, either from natural seedlings or planted, allow us to revel in a lush forest full of emblematic Galician woodland trees.

This was the first Natural Park in Galicia. It is recommended to stop by its visitors’ centre, which provides a good overview of its highlights and its importance, as well as valuable hints on the best ways to walk through it, via the several footpaths, most of them of a low difficulty, which allow us to access all the mount’s charms.

The residents of Tui have an affectionate relation with this place and the locals are very proud of it. It is for them a special setting to go for a walk or to share meals and celebrations with family and friends. On the first Sunday of July, a pilgrimage dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows, an event which gathers hundreds of pilgrims since time immemorial, manifests the religious importance of this spot, a real must see for all visitors in the area.